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Earth's Treasures

     This company was made for the purpose of sharing the healing treasures of the Earth with you the reader, and any other man or women that may seek health or vitality.It is based on natural and organic plants.No chemicals or artificial preservatives are used! The human body was not made for chemicals to be placed onto, or into.We are bombarded enough with chemicals in our air that we breath,water that we drink,clothes that we wear, and other enviornmental chemicals that we are exposed to.I believe that eventually these chemicals trigger unwanted responses in our bodies such as: autoimmune diseases(fibromylagia,rheumatoid arthritis,thyroid disease,etc...),chronic infections(immune deficiency),high blood pressure,artherioclerosis,diabetes, vitamin deficiencies to touch a few.Allergies themselves can be triggered by a one time dose of a chemical, or repeated minute doses. Suffice to say, using less if any chemicals and preservatives will optimize health, and vitality.

       This company has been in exsistance since July 2005.I felt that being here now would spread my products and knowledge a little further. Informing people of natural healing is my goal, with the use of some products to help it along.I feel that the more people that have knowledge, the better they are to heal themselves, and the world will be a better place to live in the long run.We need to take the initiative to learn more, and help ourselves so that we may in turn help others.Health and vitality comes from a desire within ourselves to make the most of ourselves.

        My concerns are with nutrition, and healing with plants.If you are in the need of a naturopathic physician acupuncturist, or energy healer, or massage therapist, I can give references.Thank you. Please check out a new service being offered on my services page!

       I begin with externals such as creams and soaps, and then introduce internals such as cough syrups, teas, and tinctures.

        Please note: All plants used in my products on this website are organic, unless otherwise noted.They are cerified by the Oregan Tilth Association for being organic, or ethically wildcrafted with attention payed to preservation of the plant species, and the enviornment. I also grow some of my own herbs organicallly, or wildcraft them and again pay attention to preservation of the plant and enviornment. If we do not do this now, there will not be anything available for future generations.




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