Wake Me Up Bar: This is an invigorating, and uplifting soap. A full 10% goats milk is added for its protein,vitamins ,and  minerals. Organic peppermint and rosemary herbs are added to this bar.They are both stimulating to the mind, and senses.Peppermint, and rosemary essential oils are added to enhance the mind stimulating properties, while they are both anti-bacterial at the same time. Rosemary essential oils is also softening to the skin.Vitamin E is added for it's antioxidant properties, and being a natural preservative.


Pachouli Exfoliant Bar: This bar is a goats milk based bar blend of plant oils that has added exfoliating almond meal, and pumice stone. The pumice is finely textured, and when added to the soap gives a finely abrasive soap well suited for the face too! I have added pachouli for scent, which gives nice warm sensual overtones. Pachouli is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


Skin:is an organ.It not only protects us from the exterior world, but it is an excretory organ. Anotherwards it regulates our body temperature by perspiration.In this sweat, we let off toxins from our bodies, as do our kidney's, and colon. If we clog our skin pores with chemicals it will not be able to do this function as well as it should.This then taxes our bodies with more toxin buildup.The kidney's,liver, and colon are then needed to work harder to get rid of these toxins.This will always be as our bodies are constantly trying to stay in balance.This is homeostasis, and is the key to health and vitality.

Shower gels available: a mixture of organic oils of hemp, olive, palm, and jojoba with added silk proteins for added nutrients and softening effects. Guar gum comes from a tree in India, and this helps to thicken the gel. Vitamin E and ascorbic acid are added for preservatives. Scents of lavender, geranium, and rose available.( $ 8.00/EA.) 8oz.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap: a luxurious blend of olive, hemp, jojoba, and palm oils with added guar gum for a thickner. Two key pure essential oils are used here for their antibacterial/antifungal properties. Pump bottle.( $5.00 /ea.) 4oz.What a great natural alternative to the commercial hand soaps.A little goes a long way!














































































































































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