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http://www.herbnet.com  ( Everything Herbal ) 

http://www.drfisel.com ( Naturopathic physician,holistic medicine,nutrition,accpuncture, and homepathy ).

http://www.mttopchiro.com ( Excellent chiropractic work, clinical nutritionist, liscensed
massage therapy with various modalilities, orthopedic accupuncture, caring expertise)

http://walkinthewoods.byregion.net/  ( Connecticut herbalist, teacher, healer, and spiritual advisor )


http://www.herbalist-alchemist.com  ( Northeast herbalist and enthnobotanist-35 years )


http://www.mountainroseherbs.com  ( Large herbal company that pays attention to plant preservation, and the enviornment )


http://www.midwestherbalstudies.com ( Excellent herbal studies, well diversified, and up to date information )


http://www.ctherb.org  (A group of gardners,herbalists,and alternative medicine practioners that share the world of herbs within themselves, and with the public).

www.OrganicConsumers.org ( Information on organic products, green organizations, and not so green ).

www.greenpeople.org ( Ecofriendly and holistic health products ).

Clean energy resources:




www.MyGreenSupply.com ( local paper products, garbage bags,etc. that biodegrade in 3 months ). Check it out!

www.hometownseeds.com( A wonderful hometown seed company with organic and non-GMO seeds.)




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