Soaps:($4.00/ea.) 6oz.

  All of my soaps are glycerine based.Glycerine is composed of saponified vegtable oils. Glycerine is a humectant which means it brings moisture in and helps to retain it.I have added different herbs, and essential oils for their specific properties to create various healing soaps.All of them helps to heal the epidermal(skin) layers when used over time. The glycerine used is made with organic vegetable sources.The colorants are natural powdered plants.

Geranium-Calendula Soap

   This soap is made with calendula petals, geranium essential oil, and tumeric as a coloring.Calendula is a type of a marigold that is high in cartenoids like leutin.They are antioxidents.Calendula has been scientifically proven to heal skin afflictions.It is also antiseptic,antifungal, and anti-inflammatory.Geranium essential oil tones skin cells while bringing the blood flow up to the outer layers of the skin so that the calendula can do it's work.Tumeric is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Refreshing Lemon Bar

   This soap is made with lemon zest, chamomile, and pure essential oils of lemon and grapefruit..The lemon in this soap acts as an astringent, which means it pulls the tissue together closing the gap on blemishes,cuts, and age lines.Lemon also has organic acids in it needed for the energy for the growth of skin cells.Chamomile is a potent anti-inflammatory.The lemon scent is refreshing, and rejuvenating to the nose and senses.Grapefruit essential oil is a strong antibacterial and antifungal essential oil. Carrot powder is added as a colorant while providing beta carotene to the skin.

Goats Milk Bar Soap

   This bar is made with a full 10% goats milk.Goats are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones so that none of these are in their milk.The milk provides the needed proteins and fats for skin to grow without the chemicals!Chamomile is added for an anti-inflammatory, and lavender buds are added for antiseptic properties.Combined together they give a nice calming aromatherapy.Chamomile and lavender essential oils are added with the properties of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, respectively.

Green Tea Antioxident Bar

  This soap contains green tea leaves for their catechins(antioxident compounds).I have added a form of Vitamin C called L-ascorbic acid. Together with the Vitamin E in this soap they are potent antioxidents.They will eat up all those bad radicals produced from sun exposure.(please not that this does not substitue for a sunscreen) This is a good soap for before and after the sun.Soy oil is added  in this soap for its omega 6 fatty acids. Fatty acids are used to make cell membranes.Rosemary essential oil is added for it's softening to the skin.Its also a mind stimulating oil.This soap is colored with parsley powder. Parsley opens the skin pores, and a circulatory stimulant allowing the antioxidents to do their work.

Relaxing Lavender Bar

   This soap contains lavender buds, lavender essential oil, and sandlewood powder as a colorant.This is an antiseptic bar, and would be good for general purpose, or for the cut,wounded, abrasion skin.It will gently disinfect, moisturize, and provide a calming affect to the senses.Lavender is anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.Sandlewood powder is also antiseptic, and is calming, but centering to the mind. Great for acne!



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