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I, Marlene McKenzie, am a Master Herbalist graduated from Midwest School of Herbal Studies. This program involved comprehensive courses in history, nutrition, assesment skills, and herbal therapuetics for each body system. I am a Medical Technologist,BS. four year degree from Quinnipiac University. I graduated summa cude laude. Have been working in the medical field, doing lab work and assisting physicians for the past twenty five years. I have also been a gardener for the past 25 years, with the past seven years being organic. I did self study on herbal medicine, and nutrition for the three years before I entered the Master herbalist program. I love plants, hate chemicals and fakes, work in the medical field, and love helping people. In fact, I love plants so much you could say I have a unique relationship with them! This is why I have become a herbalist. Helping people with plants, and natural alternatives. I have been making plant products for family and friends for several years prior to going public. My business has been in existence for six years now. I also believe in healing the spirit, and mind. In fact, the body cannot heal until the spirit and mind are content and in balance. Health and vitality is a balance between these three: spirit, mind, and body.
   I am a member of the Connecticut Herb Association,, and a member of the Friends of the Boulder Knoll ( FOBK ). FOBK is a non profit organization founded in Cheshire. We have started organic farming on an old farm in Cheshire, and hope to develop community supported agriculture for the local residents.I am also a member of ther American Herbalist Guild.
   I had the fortunate experience of seeking an alternative physician when after work hours were not available for physical therapy. I had sustained a hip injury during roller skating, and got tired of living with the pain. I decided to go for accupuncture. I was quite leary, but it was so easy. While in the care of my naturopathic physician, he helped me with another problem I had been having for years. It was my PMS, and chronic bowel problems. After six months of taking herbal and homepathic medicines,diet changes, WOW what a difference! I not only had much less PMS, but had lost weight, and felt more energy. My bowels were regular too. After 16 months of on and off acupuncture, my hip only bothers me a little once in a while. It had been out of joint for three years, and I sustained some nerve damage.However,remaining in balance for my body will always be a job. I have to work at it.I do this with my own herbal theraputics, and constant viligence. In this whole process of taking better care of myself, I have realized the fragility and yet beauty of life. Taking time out for myself helps me to regain not only my health, but my spirituality, peace of mind, confidence, and most of all the love for all of mankind.
   Land preservation is a major concern in my mind.We need to preserve what we have right now.This includes the actual space,and preservation of it's quality.We need to let our earth recycle itself from all of the chemicals we have put into it so that the future will be able to grow nutrient dense,chemical free foods for their exsistance.This is the way it was meant to be,natural recycle. This is why I am a green company now, all recyclable or biodegradable packaging are now used. Not only are my products good for you, but they are perfectly harmless to the earth.
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