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 Teas:($3.00) 10 servings loose or bagged-Why teas? Teas are not just another drink.They provide us with nutrients,water, and the actions of the specific herb(s) used.Tea should ideally be prepared fom loose herb.Why? Tea bags serve to contain the herb, however it allows for less room for the water to absorb into the herb.In loose tea, the water surrounds all of the herbs on all of their surface areas.This allows the water to pull out more of the compounds that we want out of the tea.Preperation from loose requires a little more effort,but gives more of the phytonutrients you want.Generally, you add boiling water to the loose herb in a pot or cup.This then needs to be covered because alot of the volatile oils can be lost in the steam.After at least five minutes(the longer the better-you can always reheat) this tea is strained and then enjoyed.Teas are made with whole plant parts, rather than isolating the specific theraputic needed.This is better because you have all the parts working together.One component of the plant may be needed for better absorption of the phytonutrient as an example,or there may be a particular nutrient needed to help the action of the theraputic wanted.Teas also work when drank several times a day over a long period of time.This is particularly useful when drinking a tea made for a specific ailment.

        Relax Time Tea: Ingrediants include:oatstraw,passionflower,lemon balm,chamomile,catnip, and lemon verbena(for a lemony flavor).These herbs serve to relax,calm down,lower blood pressure, ease tension, and prepare one for sleep. It will also help to give a more sound sleep when used over time.

        Nutri-delicious Tea: Ingrediants include: alfalfa, stinging nettle,plantain,dandelion leaf,orange peel, and cinnamon.These herbs provide alot of protein,calcium,potassium, vitamins C and A,iron, and magnesium.Orange peel helps absorption better,dandelion leaf is a diurectic, and cinnamon is a circulatory stimulant helping to disperse the nutrients within the blood system.

        Energy Tea: Ingrediants include:green tea,gotu kola,siberian ginseng(Eleuthero),american ginseng,spearmint, and orange peel.These herbs serve to give increase energy levels, build the body's resistance to stress,give more stamina, and help with memory loss.Spearmint is added for taste, and orange peel for better absorption.

        Woman's Blend Tea: Ingrediants included are:raspberry leaf,oatstraw,lemon balm,red clover blossoms,rose petals, lavender, fennel seed, and anise hyssop.This mixture is nutritive with a very high content of vitamin C.It tones and strenghtens the urinary and reproductive systems. It also promotes a healthy female cycle.Red clover reduces cystic formation in the breasts..Raspberry leaf is specific for toning the female reproductive system.


          Urinary Tonic Tea:This is a combination of herbs that help to tone the urinary sytem, and are diurectic in nature.It can be used for people that tend to retain water.This can cause edema(excess fluids in the tissues) which can cause hypertension,PMS, cardiac failure, and kidney problems. Strawberry leaf,rose hips are used for their high contents of Vit.C. Vitamin C will help tone, and help build collagen in the linings of the urinary system.This actually helps to build up these mucous membranes for better functioning.Cornsilk,dandelion root, and parsley are all diurectic herbs helping one to eliminate excess fluids.Most diurectics tend to deplete the body of potassium, but dandelion root and parsley actually help build potassium levels in the body simply by their being rich in potassium. Ginger root is provided for better stomach digestion of the tea.

Well Being Tea: This tea consists of alfalfa leaf,strawberry leaf,lemon balm leaf,spearmint leaf, and hibiscus flower.I stood at the edge of my garden and thought of this tea.I wanted a nutrient dense,calming, but yet feel good tea. I believe this was the combo for it.Strawberry leaf is high in Vit. C, and being a good tonic for the bladder as for it's diurectic affects.Alfalfa is a mineral dense herb, and also contains several vitamins. Lemon balm is calming, and giving a lemon twist of a taste.Spearmint leaf offsets the citrus tastes of the lemon balm and hibiscus, and is mildly stimulating.It is also calming to the stomach.Hibiscus flower is high in Vit C while again giving it that citus twist.


Internal Cleanse Tea: This tea can be used in a cleansing program for the body.It can also be drunk for a mild spring cleanse of the body.It consists of ground burdock root,cleavers leaf and stem,chickweed leaf, red clover blossoms, spirulina and chlorella blue-green algae, and ginger root.Burdock root works wonders in supporting liver function for detoxification.It enhances liver function.Cleavers and chickweed herbs(weeds), are excellent blood and lymphactic cleansers.They are also diurectic, increasing the kidney's capacity for excretion of wastes.Red clover blossoms actually help to bring the body back into a normal state of function(homeostasis) by support of organ functions.It is also highly nutritive.Ginger root is used to stimulate digestion, while also stimulating blood circulation.The spirulina and chlorella algae are the power houses of detoxification.They actually bind to toxic metals and wastes, and greatly enhance there excretion via the colon.

Indroducing RED teas from South Africa. They include red roobis, and honeybush. Red teas are actually higher in antioxidants than green teas. They also contain many trace minerals, such as boron, flouride, maganese, magnesium, vital for bodily processes. Recent studies have shown red roobis to actually improve immune function. The honeybush is the sweeter of the two with neither one needing any sugar. Kids love these teas, another great way to improve their overall health! Honeybush comes from a plant along the lowland areas of the tip of South Africa, whereas the red roobis comes from the mountain regions of the tip of South Africa.

RED ROOBIS/HONEYBUSH: available in same size packaging as above teas.

Brand New- Breathe Easy Tea: a blend of colsfoot, yerba santa, horehound, mullein, and peppermint leaves. This tea helps to open nasal passages, but most importantly it helps with lower respiratory congestion. The herbs help to decongest the bronchi while healing the mucous membranes at the same time.

        All of the above teas are mild in their effects.I make more theraputic bulk teas for specific ailments.Refer to the service page on this website for more information.

If you would like to order locally, and pickup or me drop off( in Cheshire) please email me with your order and information.

      Health and Vitality comes from the inside out.It is true that what you put into your body is what you get out of it.However, it is also true to say that what you digest(or assimulate) is what you are.If your body systems(digestive,circulatory,etc.) are not working properly or are weakened due to a variety of reasons(including age) then you will not be able to get all the necessary nutrients from your food and drink.Also, proper nutrition is vital.Caffeine,sugar,excess refined carbohydrates are a few that can have detrimental affects on our bodies.Using herbs in the proper manner can strenthen,rejuvenate,and tone the various organs of the body.A lot of illness or conditions are caused by a deficiency,or excess of something. Herbs can help rid the body of the excess,or build the body back from the deficiency.They do this by helping the body's own mechanisms to bring about that balance(homeostasis)I talked about earlier.Teas are a wonderful way of doing this job.This is my main theraputic.However, I have made some more concentrated specific formulas.Tinctures are concentrated alcoholic extracts of herbs.These are as follows and I will continue to add a few more for specific ailments.

      Tinctures(1 oz.)- $8.00/ea.

      Immune Balance Formula: consists of Astragalus root, Eleuthero root, Reishi mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Catsclaw bark, Picrorhiza, and Cinnamon.This formula serves to strenthen the immune system, but most importantly helps to balance out the immune response.Sometimes our immune system goes crazy and over reacts to a stimulus.This is seen in alot of diseases today such as fibromylagia.arthritis,asthma,lupus, and countless others.Allergies are over stimulated immune responses to a certain(s) things.Bringing balance to the immune system takes time, just as most other good things in life.In the meantime, the body's responses(inflammation,pain,itching as a few) can be tamed while strenghtening that particular area with herbs.

      Allergy Ease Formula: consists of  stinging nettle leaf, Eyebright herb,Osha root, and Reishi mushroom.This formula was made with the person with IgE mediated allergies. This can cause sneezing, itchy running eyes, runny nose, and nasal congestion.This will serve to stop or slow down these reactions because of the drying affect they have on the above.It will also intervene with the allergen attaching to the cell membrane in a particular area so none of these reactions occur.Stinging nettle is highly nutritive and will strenghten the adrenal glands which are one of the major glands involved in the immune sysyem.It also helps to lessen the allergic reactions by interfering with the inflammatory process, and may help the body to produce it's own antihistamines.  Stinging nettle is also a directic, and helps to rid the body of the formula, allergens, and built up toxins via the kidney's.Osha root is added  to powerfully dry up nasal,mucous congestion.Osha also dilates the bronchi, and has a mild antihistamine affect.Reishi is added to help support, and normalize the immune system.It inhibits histamine release from the mast cells, and leukotriene release which causes inflammation.

          Liver Support Formula: consists of Globe artichoke leaf, Milk thistle seed, Fringe tree bark, Dandelion root, and Cinnamon .This formula strenthens liver function and supports bile excretion and flow. It helps with regularity due to the increased bile excretion. Bile serves to break down our fats which are utilized in many ways, but are used mostly to make our hormones.This formula helps to correct for viral infections affecting the liver,cirrohsis, and fatty liver, by rejuvenating the liver cells.It will help to detoxify the liver.Proper liver function is vital to health.It processes all of our hormones,stores vital minerals and vitamins until needed, helps with defecation, and most importantly helps to neutralize the toxins in our bodies.Sometimes in the pathway of metabolism a vital link is broken due to a sluggish liver, therby causing a full blown ailment.

         Digestive Aid Formula: consists of dandelion root, elecampane root, burpleum root, gentian root, orange peel, and cinnamon bark. The cinnamon bark serves to aid with the circulation of the formula.In the next batch I will be using ginger root as the ciruculatory herb.All of the roots in this formuala are powerfully cooling and drying. They all serve to increase digestive acids needed to start the process of digestion.This formula can be used for achlorydia( no stomach acid production), or hypochlorydia(low stomach acid).Within these intial stomach acids produced in response to our ingestion are the enzymes and cofactors needed to start the digestive process, including absorption.The dandelion,gentian, and burpleum all will also serve to help with sluggish bile excretion, and flow. This will help with constipation due to this factor.The exception here is the elecampane. It is a warming herb, and I used it here for  nasusea, indigestion, abdominal fullness due to excess mucous in the stomach.Orange peel helps to produce stomach acid while alleviating flatulence.It in itself is warming in energetics.The warming herbs helps to balance out the powerfully cooling herbs in the formula.

          Immune Support: consists of astragalus root, eleuthero root(Siberian ginseng), and codonopsis root, and ginger root.This formula serves to support the immune system by increasing white and red blood cells populations, supporting the adrenal glands vital in blood circulation, and supporting the function of the two blood cell populations mentioned previously. The person with a weakened immune system would want to use this formula. Indications would include frequent colds,viral infections,cancer therapies, the elderly, or any other therapy that weakens the immune system.

           Cold/Flu Shoo Formula: this formula consists of elderberry, echinecea, and andrographis leaf., and ginger root This formula can be use in the beginning stages of a cold/ and or flu. It will decrease duration of infection while also decreasing severity of sypmptoms. Elderberry is a strong anti-viral,(and chuck full of antioxidents) that has been proven clinically.Echinecea is a strong anti-viral.It has been proven in numerous studies to slow down the rate of infection.It helps to stop the adherence of the virus to the suscepitble throat cells thereby decreasing the numvber of virus entering the body.Andrographis leaf is useful in upper repiratory tract infections, such as the common cold. It acts as an anti-inflammatory. It shortens the duration of infection, while decreasing the severity of infection. It is ssuggested to use this formula with 500mg. of Vit C every 3hrs for stopping the infection. Other herbs can be used for a more deep seated infection such as the flu.



            Internal Cleanse Formula: This formula can be used in a detoxification program, or internally cleaning the body after the winter sludge. It should be used with diet and exercise changes. Herbs included are: burdock root,chickweed leaf, cleavers leaf and stem,dandelion root, ginger root, and spirulina and chlorella blue green algae. Burdock and dandelion roots serve as liver cleansers, and supporting liver function.The liver detoxifies the blood so we need to support the liver. Cleavers and chickweed are good blood and lymphactic cleansers.Ginger root is added for circulation, easier digestion, and to warm the formula.The spirulina and chlorella blue green algae powerfully bind toxins, and heavy metals.They then support the excretion of these wastes via the colon.

It must be pointed out here that these are only general formulas. Most prople need a customized formula put together for them through a customized program created for them. We are all different ,and need specialized programs.

             Would you like to host a tea party? Gather some friends, taste some teas and various botanicals, and learn about the health benefits of tea? Host a tea party and receive 50 single organic teas of your choice. Please contact me to set up a party.














































































































































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