Cough Syrups: ($5.00/ea.) 4oz.ea.These cough syrups not only help to alleviate cough and soothe the throat, they contain strong anti-virals, and help to increase the immune system response.

               Cold/Cough Syrup: This syrup consists of a base of distilled water, and local honey, and vegetable glycerin. It is a combination of wild cherry bark, hyssop lef and flower,dried elder berries,and licorice root bark powder. All plants used are organic.Wild cherry bark helps to relieve a hacking cough, and is a immune system tonic for the common cold.Hyssop is a strong antiviral, has a licorice flavor, thins and loosens secretions so they are easily expectorated,and relieves the spasms of the air passages helping to produce the cough.Licorice root bark powder is added to harmonize all of these plants together in this formula. Its is also an antiviral and helps the body adapt to stress(sickness).The formula is quite sweet at first, but has a delicious flavor with all the plants in it! My son loves it!

               Dry Cough Syrup: This syrup is again in a base of distilled water, local honey, and vegetable gkycerine.It is is a combination of violet flower and leaf,red clover blossoms, muellin leaf,and licorice root bark powder.I will be adding wild cherry bark to the forthcoming batches, and it will remain a permanent plant in this formula.Violet flower and leaf  helps to coat the the throat(with the dryness associated with it), and soothe it so that it may heal.It also has some analgesic properties to it serving to relieve some of the pain associated with chronic coughs.Red clover blossoms serve to also coat the respiratory system while helping to experctorate.It is antiviral too.Muellin is a wonderful plant that grows everywhere.It is also an expectorant,coating the throat and allowing to ride oneself of the mucous while helping the body to heal the irritated mucosal lining of the respiratory system.It is also anti-inflammatory and has analgesic properties.This syrup is good for bronchitis,croup,asthma,or just dry irritative coughs

           I can also make laxative syrups, or colon cleanse syrups.

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