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     Itch No More Cream:This cream is used for mosquito bites,poison ivy, itch rashes or other bites.Expeller pressed olive oil,beeswax,Vitamin E,and grapefruit seed extract are used for the already mentioned reasons.My main plant is Jewelweed for this cream. This plant is commonly found in the wild, and has a compound in it called lawsome. This compound actually binds to the cell sites where the itchy compound would have.Therefore,less if any of the itchy compound can be found on the cell and thereby stimulating the bodies response of producing the itch,pain, and inflammation.Plantain , the common lawn weed, is used here to cool the skin, and pull out the poison.It is antitoxin,anti-inflammatory,and stops/kills bacteria.Peppergrass is a common weed that is anti-inflammatory.It was used by the Native Americans for various skin afflictions. I also use burdock root due to it's ability to help heal skin problems due to "hot blood".Chamomile essential oil is used for an anti-inflammatory, and peppermint oil is a mild anti-itch quality while cooling the area.

        Daily Youthful Face: This cream is used on the face everyday for it's moisturizing ability, nutrients, healing qualities, and reduction of age lines and age spots when used over time.My base is again expeller pressed olive oil, beeswax as a thickener,Vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract used for preservatives.Gotu kola is used for it's ability to provide allantoin which is used in cell regeneration.It is also balancing to the skin.Plantain is again used here for it's ability to again build skin by providing allantoin,a lot of nutrients, and many organic acids. These help to create energy for the cell to do it's work.Calendula heals skin with its antioxident, and nutrient rich components.Elder flower is an astringent, which serves to pull tissues together thereby healing eruptions and reducing those age lines.I have used evening primrose oil for its richeness in gamma linolenic acid(omega 6 fatty acid).Geranium essential oil brings blood flow to the surface.Neroli and carrot seed oil help skin tone and reduces the spots and lines.Rose hip seed is high in Vitamin C which is a healer of skin.

       Calm Balm: This is used for nervous tension, stressful days,agitiation, and hyperactivity in children.I have used almost the same ingrediants as my relax time tea.Base is expeller pressed olive oil, beeswax as thickener,Vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract as preservatives.Passionflower is a beautiful flower on a vine.It reduces high blood pressure, helps ease tension, and relax.Both lemon balm and chamomile are relaxing, stress reducers,and helps one to settle down. Catnip is a relaxant and helps calm.I have added lavender and chamomile essential oils for their relaxing qualities. Lavender is also antibacterial.

       Ear Oil: This oil is used for earaches, and inflammations/ pain of the ears.Expeller pressed olive oil is infused with muellin flowers.Muellin is an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic.Organic garlic is also infused into the oil for its strong antibacterial, and antiviral properties.Works wonderfully for those ear infections!



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