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        Massage Oils: ($5.00/ea.) 4oz.

      De-Stress Massage Oil: A delightful blend of essential oils. in a nourishing base. Oilve oil provides a nourshing , and moisturizing base here with it being rich in omega 9 fatty acids, and polyphenols for antioxident properties. Lemon essential oil is added for a refreshing scent. Lavender essential oil is added for relaxation.Neroli essential oil comes from a tropical flower which gives it a slight floral scent that arouses, but calms at the same time. Can be used on a daily basis as a moisturizing oil, or for a massage.This massage oil can also be used for tension, anxiety headaches, applied to the temple areas.

          Sensual Massage Oil: This is an all floral oil that arouses the senses, and evokes feelings of love. Organic olive oil is used as the base. It is rich in omega 9 fatty acids.Essential oils used in this blend mostly come from the tropical reigons of the world.They are: ylang ylang which promotes feelings of love, jasmine, bergamont, neroli, and rosewood. Rosewood gives a hint of the woods. 

Woodland Esscense Oil: This is a delightful blend of conifers that is grounding, and relaxing.
It smells as though you have walked through the conifer forest on a misty morning. This is a warming blend that delights all senses.

          Salves/Ointments/Creams:($6.00/ea.)1.7 oz each

      Muscle/Joint Salve: This salve is used on deep muscle aches and pains,sciatica,joint pain,neuralgia,tendonitis, and muscle spasms.The plants used are in a base of expellor pressed olive oil, with beeswax added for the thickener.I have used St. John's Wort which is not only used for depression, but also for deep muscle damage or trauma with pain.Arnica flower is used for the any nerve damage, or pain related to the nerves.A swiss priest popularized this herb back in the mid 1800's.I have used Yarrow, and Chamomile for their anti-inflammatory effects, and Yarrow has analgesic properties.Cayenne pepper, ginger oil, and eucalyptus essential oil s bring the blood flow to the area so that the other plants may do their job.Also, when you have trauma or inflammation in a given area, this usually means that the blood has stagnated, and it needs to get moving again.

          Heal All Salve: This salve is used for minor wounds,cuts, abrasions, or minor burns.Expellor pressed olive oil is used as the base, with the beeswax serving as the thickner.I have used a plant called self heal which was used extensively by the Native Americans. It is of the mint family and is stypic(pulls cells together), stops bleeding,anti-inflammatory, and has anit-bacterial and anti-virals compounds in it.Plantain is a common lawn weed that is famous for stopping bleeding.

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