A company dedicated to health and vitality using botanicals and nutrition, and preservation of our earth and natural resources. 

Earth's Treasures is just as it sounds. The treasures brought to you by our planet earth, which houses them.These are the botanicals(plants) growing on this planet.As our technology has grown in the past several decades we have been able to study these fascinating plants. Scientists have isolated many key nutrients, and compounds that function in specific ways .We can put these to use, just as many cultures have done in the past. Herbal medicine has been around even before Christ. It started (as records and archeological evidence has mounted) as far back as 2500BC,in Middle East part of the world. The Egyptians used plants for medicinal uses dating back to the 1500's BC and up.About the same time in China a form of herbal healing was evolving called Tradional Chinese Medicine. In India, Ayuerveda was also in full swing as their form of herbal medicine. Then around 500BC Greek,Roman,and Arabic herbal medicine was evolving. Hippocrotes( the great father of herbal medicine ) was the man of the hour around 400BC in Greece. Around 1000CE herbalism had spread to the European sector with King Henry V111 using these wonderful plants himself, and advocating it! The Europeans then brought it over to America where the Native Americans had been using their own forms of herbal health.Then in the 1600-1700's there was a number of participants in herbology, leading up to the eclectic era of the 1800's. The eclectics systemetized herbal therapies, and used specific herbs for specific ailments.At this point in time, orthodox medicine had taken a strong foothold in society using specific man made medicines for specific diagnosis. The great herbal use had waned ,but was not completely gone. It was kept alive with the American folk use , and coming back with the Appalachia and green people movement of the 1960-1970's.

                Botanicals have been used since mankind has been recording it, and then some.Why is it that herbal medicine has stood the test of time.Maybe because it works.It has been documented time and time over. As a great Egyptian healer had once said," The power of the truth that endures".

                 The body was made to be kept in a balanced state. This is called homeostasis.This is the key to health, and vitality.Proper nutrition, and digestion are key factors in health.Plant's compounds help along the body's processes to help us stay in balance.They work better in repeated small amounts over longer periods of time than man made medicines. Man mades are stronger, thereby causing side effects and can even rob the body of vital nutrients in the process of doing their jobs. They usually cover symptoms of disease, and neglect homeostasis.

                  Health and vitality comes with a balance in the body, put also in the mind and spirit. When we learn just how important we are to ourselves, and others, the fragility of life, and yet the great choice we have been given to do this all we will have started the healing process.This process is ongoing, and ever changing just like life! That is the beauty of it all! Relax and enjoy my products from nature. They will bring health and vitality to the body,mind, and spirit!

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